Hallelujah Slogan

Roberto de Vicq is a designer who is recognized for his sophisticated use of typography. Restaurants, publications, logos, hand lettering, his work is always a visual surprise. Please, take a look...

  • Le Zoo Bag
  • Le Zoo Matches
  • Continental Miami Menus
  • Continental Miami Cocktails
  • Grato Pizza box
  • Grato Mural
  • Burrito Softee
  • El Vez Bags
  • Cinderella/Pelikan
  • Hungry for France
  • Breast Cancer Alphabet
  • Map of the Stars
  • Le Diplomate Window
  • Ajuda
  • Mythai Beverage Labels
  • Caffee Storico
  • Snow White
  • il Pittore Sign
  • TDC Brochure
  • Warnock Poster